Heterogeneous learning groups 1 - Individualisation

Seminar Qa01e

The participants are informed about the problems of internal differentiation. They actively experience which learning type they belong to and develop a repertoire of methods going along with this knowledge. Using concrete examples, a variety of methods and media will be introduced, hereby designing a lesson intended as a model for all future planning. Suggestions for research into methods and media will be collected and discussed together.


The participant
  • describe the difference between learning objectives and competencies
  • identify important criteria for good teaching
  • report on their own experiences in heterogeneous learning groups and analyse the problem of internal differentiation
  • develop a “bouquet” of methods and evaluate the use of different methods for learners of different abilities
  • develop tasks, tools and criteria for performance assessment for the need for  extra support
  • develop different strategies to reach learners through differentiated tasks set
  • deal with the measurement of performance with regard to the levels of the RLP
Reinhard Roth


  • detailed knowledge of social arrangements in the classroom
  • Diversity of methods and design of teaching-learning arrangements
  • Method training according to Klippert
  • Learning Workshop
  • Media literacy (digital, teaching and learning tools, videos, smart board, film distribution, language centre)
  • Cooperation with out-of-school institutions
  • Learning platform, “Lernraum Berlin”, SINUS
  • Learning types (Vester)
  • Levels within the framework of the curriculum

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