Planning a lesson

Seminar Qa02e

The participants plan in detail a lesson for a selected topic. In doing so, they assign
the competencies and requirements of the RLP to the individual teaching phases
using SMART teaching objectives, taking into account the required variety of
methods. Feedback methods and the need for performance assessment are also
incorporated into the planning.


The participants
  • know the framework curriculum and the School internal curriculum as a basis for planning
  • are aware they need to take into account
  • the learning level of the students when planning a lesson
  • know the possibilities of the structure and
  • the selection of suitable methods, media and social arrangements
  • know criteria for the reflection on teaching
Dr. Daniel Latk


  • Competence orientation
  • Structure of the Berlin framework curriculum
  • Dealing with the framework curriculum using a concrete subject-specific example
  • Structure and role of teaching series (examples)
  • Phases, structuring of the lessons
  • Four core perspectives of planning, implementation and reflection on teaching (according to Kreis/Staub)
  • Specialist contents and educational goals
  • Classification of the sequence/hour
  • Prior knowledge and possible difficulties
  • Teaching structure
  • Steps for planning using a concrete example
  • Criteria-led self-reflection of teaching


Costs: 135 €

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