Classroom management und classroom disturbances

Seminar Qa03e

The participants deal with the impact of rules and procedures on the running of the lessons.
They discuss the implications of limits and consequences and recognise the importance of
the teacher-student relationship. They will be informed about the spectrum and their own
behaviour on the levels "relationship", "discipline management" and "teaching" and how
they influence the success of teaching. They will learn the legal basis for dealing with
difficult learners. They will be familiarised with support systems and will be strengthened in
a new attitude towards "system breakers" through discussion, case studies and analysis


The participant
  • get to know the definition of “class management” and grasp its meaning for daily teaching practice
  • collect examples of rituals and routines in the classroom and discuss their effects
  • recognize the importance of the relationship structure between teacher and students for effective teaching
  • develop features for efficient classroom management and time use
  • rate class management as one (out of 10) characteristic of high quality teaching
  • justify the necessity of organisational procedures (rituals)
  • develop suitable approaches to solving conflicts
  • know support systems inside and outside the school
  • know options for action on the basis of service and school law requirements
Dr. Daniel Latk


  • Routines and rituals of a class
  • Feedback Culture
  • Reward systems
  • Motivation Theory
  • Creation of a learning-friendly teaching atmosphere
  • Class climate
  • organisational necessities (attendance, security, class register, grade book, special incidents)
  • Prevention of teaching disruptions through lesson design and effective classroom management
  • appropriate dealing with disruptions (de-escalation, intervention, sanction)
  • Work with case studies
  • Strategies Dealing with pupils who need special care (the teacher´s attitude in conflict)

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