Principles for assessing and evaluating performance

Seminar Qa04e

The participants get to know the legal basis, receive practical advice on recording
and documentation, recognise the need for feedback and consideration in lesson
planning, and gain confidence in assessments.


The participant
  • Become familiar with selected frames of reference when diagnosing individual
    student performance
  • Develop criteria for evaluating student performance and include those in the planning
    of a teaching unit
  • Based on their own level of competencies, they select suitable forms of performance feedback
  • Become increasingly aware of their own responsibilities, opinions and their new role in discussing the level of performance with pupils and parents
  • Extend their knowledge of school regulations
Dieter Jacob


  • Basic knowledge of selected competence grids, schedule for the evaluation of individual students
  • Example of a teaching unit incorporating the evaluation criteria
  • Types of performance feedback (oral/written)
  • Transparent criteria of evaluation
  • Documentation of grades/legal matters
  • Standardise feedback/ e.g. agreeing on objectives, conducting learning-progress talks
  • Reflection as part of an individual conversation
  • Evaluation of written and oral performance; legal matters and school regulations


Private Kant-Schulen
Körnerstraße 49
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(easily accessible by public transport, S1)

Module times (including break times):
von 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Costs: 135 €

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