Seminar Qa01E6e

The participants will be informed about the most important concepts of self-organisation
and work-life balance and apply them to their life situation.
This is put into concrete terms in terms of organisation at home (study, scheduling, etc.),
the organisation of the school year and lesson planning in relation to the individual,
communication within the team and within the home community.


The participant
  • get to know principles of self-organisation and apply them to their personal planning
  • are informed about the concept of “work-life balance” and recognise its importance for their everyday work
  • jointly develop a procedure for the creation of a series of lessons
  • reflect on their role as teachers and prioritise their daily routine in terms of preparing for lessons
  • recognise the importance of physical health and develop resolutions in this regard
  • analyse their role as teachers
  • get to know support systems
  • put their knowledge into practice when planning a school year (tests, excursions, conferences, training, corrections, etc.)
Reinhard Roth


  • work-life-balance
  • setting priorities
  • long-term planning
  • Reconciling family and career
  • Organising systems (desk, school bag, diary…)
  • Structuring the school year
  • Cooperation within the College
  • Balance (sports, family, hobbies)
  • Support systems
  • “Before big to small” (Annual planning >Series of lessons< Lesson)

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