Institution "School“

Seminar Qa07e

The participants will be informed about the school system of Berlin and the regulations
that apply to government schools and private schools.
They will recognise a teacher's scope of action and deal with the rights and duties
associated with it. They will become aware of the importance and responsibility of their
role as teachers and learn details about personal support.


The participant
  • consolidate knowledge about the structure of the Berlin administration
  • become familiar with the legal status of private schools
  • get to know the different support systems
  • reflect on their role as teachers in a complex system
  • gain confidence that all tasks can be completed within a day or school week respectively
  • analyse their role as teachers
  • learn details about quality assurance of teaching
  • discuss and debate the meaning of the “educational mandate” as detailed by the school law
Dr. Daniel Latk


  • Structure of the school system in Berlin
  • Structure of the Berlin administration (regional school supervision, school board, SENBJF, district office)
  • Support systems (LISUM, SIBUZ.youth welfare office, contact area officials, liability insurance)
  • relevant regulations (timetable, grading, examination regulations, safety regulations)
  • Structure of the school year
  • Conferences and committees (testimonial conference, staff committee)
  • departments within a school (staff, IT, secretariat, school management, administration)
  • Knowledge of different teacher personalities
  • Ensuring school quality

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