Heterogeneous learning groups 2 - Inclusion

Seminar Qa08e

Participants will discuss the meaning of the term "inclusion" in the contemporary world.
They will learn about the official categories of learners in relation to the different needs for
support. Discussing case studies, they will deal with legal issues as well as with concrete
measures to support and help this group of learners.


The participant
  • deal with the term “inclusion” in different areas of life
  • describe the main features of the different types of support needed
  • report on their own experiences in heterogeneous learning groups and analyse the problems
    with the help of brochures and other information material
  • develop approaches for dealing with pupils with learning difficulties
  • deal with the legal requirements and regulations and draw up plans for supporting pupils with learning difficulties
  • work out practical suggestions for performance assessment in heterogeneous groups and for learners in need of support
  • are informed about possibilities of special schooling (Charité, home schooling, youth welfare office and school supervision)
N. N.


  • Schools with a focus on special educational focus
  • Cooperation between school and youth welfare office
  • Disadvantage compensation 
  • Procedure for determining the need for support
  • SIBUZ and school supervision
  • Cooperation with out-of-school institutions
  • Overview of special needs education
  • Performance evaluation
  • legal basis of student questionnaires and their appendices
  • Compiling of lessons for heterogeneous learning groups
  • Differentiation according to performance, contents, goals, methods, materials, learning times, learning techniques

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