School law in Berlin

Seminar Qa10e

The participants are informed about the structure of legislation and principles of
administrative action.
They apply their knowledge of the structure of the Berlin administration to concrete case
studies, dealing in particular with cases where the appeal procedure against an
administrative act [e.g. non-admission of their own child at a primary school] is of
importance. Further case studies from their own activities will be analysed and evaluated
in groups or in plenary sessions. The aim of the event is to provide all participants with
confidence in legal decisions.


The participant
  • consolidate basic knowledge of the judiciary system and regulations (stretching from the constitution to ordinances and instructions)
  • apply the appeal procedure to specific incidents (including their own)
  • report on their own experiences and analyse these from a legal perspective together in the group
  • mention problems in dealing with current regulations such as data protection regulations,
    copyright rules, compulsory school attendance, school regulations regarding the use of mobile phones, supervision at school and during excursions, etc.
Dieter Jacob


  • State structure (separation of powers)
  • Administrative structure (general principles)
  • Structure of the Berlin administration
  • Administrative provisions
  • Objection against an administrative act
  • Details of the grading system, the hierarchy (disciplinary law) and several regulations
  • Dealing with difficult pupils and parents
  • self-protection

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